School reopening in September 2020

Essential school reopening information from Ms Brown, Headteacher

We’re excited to welcome our pupils back to school on Wednesday 9 September 2020. We have been working hard with the amended guidance (amended MANY times over the holidays) to prepare for the return. The plans are detailed, risk assessed and signed off by the CEO and the trustees and follow all the current guidance. As I have said before the guidance has a habit of being changed at very short notice and I am certain there will be more changes and we will react swiftly if needed to change protocols. I will inform you of any changes as and when I hear about them. The trust position on face coverings is that there is no requirement for face coverings for staff and children in Primary schools. The secondary schools have put in place systems for using face coverings only in high transit areas and where social distancing is very difficult to adhere to.

I am sure you will have heard talk of schools operating ‘bubbles’. As we are such a small school we will be operating as one bubble. This means that although we aim to keep movement between classes to a minimum the children will  all mix for break, lunchtime and collective worship this will allow us to remain as ‘normal’ as we can.

The main points of guidance around a bubble organisation are:

  • The children within a bubble can mix and share resources or toys – these will be cleaned at the end of each day.
  • Each child has their own pencil pot and tray for their work to be situated near to their desk – we will aim for each child to use their own equipment as much as possible.
  • Each child should have their own named small water bottle which will go home at the end of each day. (School did provide every child with one last term and we will have them for the new starters).
  • The children and staff will be expected to socially distance, ‘as much as practicable ‘so this will mean individual desks for KS2 facing the front of the class and as much reduced ‘close contact’ play as we feel the children can manage.
  • Lunchtimes – children will be sat with siblings or extended family who they have contact with, not sat opposite each other and they will not be able to move from their set place. The food will be plated up in the kitchen and then brought through to the hall for the children. The children can, if they wish, bring in packed lunch. Pack up boxes will be kept in the hall.
  • We will have collective worship in the hall and as a whole school in the mornings however, there will not be singing until there is more guidance on this.
  • There will be additional cleaning during lunchtime of toilets , high traffic areas and the hall, our school cleaner has very kindly offered to cover this an extra hour each day.
  • Should we suspect a child having symptoms of COVID-19 we will be in contact with you to come and take your child for a test. Should the test confirm positive we will be contacted by public heath England and they will then advise us on how we manage the bubble with regard to informing parents of any isolation requirements.

Further information about organisation, the school day, behaviour, attendance and more can be found in my letter dated 4 September 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school on T: 01765 640277 or E:

Stay at home guidance

Please take a look here for the latest Government guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.