A Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a legal entity accountable for the running of the organisation and all the academies within it. The MAT is a charitable company limited by guarantee, and has multiple layers of governance: the Members, the Board of Trustees and Board Committees, which include a Local Governing Committee for each academy within the MAT. 

The Local Governing Committee serves as a sub-committee of the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust York Board of Trustees, and their responsibilities are set out within the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation. If required, the Board can either delegate more powers to the Local Governing Committee or withdraw powers in exceptional situations. Governors are not involved in the operational running of the academy; the daily management of the academy is the responsibility of the Principal.  All decisions are made as a group; governors are there as a corporate body responsible for the governance of the academy and not to represent their own interests or the interest of others.

What does the Local Governing Committee do?
Local governors have three central duties:

i) setting the vision of the local academy
ii) holding the Headteacher/Principal to account
iii) and ensuring the academy’s financial management is to the highest possible standard.

Governors carry out their tasks in a number of different ways, through regular meetings and visits to the academy. Meetings are held at least once a term.

The Local Governing Committee provides the school with a wide range of skills and experience which supports the Senior Leadership team in vital decisions that enhance the academy’s environment, curriculum and delivery of the best educational experience possible. The Local Governing Committee is constituted in the following way:

  • Headteacher – ex-officio by nature of their position
  • Staff Governor – elected by staff members
  • Parent Governor x 2 – elected by parent/carers in the academy
  • Trust Appointed  Governor x 3 – appointed by the Board of Trustees
  • Foundation Governor x 2 – appointed by the Diocese of York 

If you wish to contact our Chair, please email or contact the school office.

Academy governance information

HLTY MAT matrix for Scheme of Delegation – September 2019

Articles of Association

RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools

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