School closure – FAQs

This page will answer some of your questions relating to the closure of Baldersby St James CE Primary School next year (31 August 2022).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


Can academy trusts close schools?

Yes. However, they are subject to a rigorous process which is overseen by the Department for Education. This process will involve key stakeholders, in this circumstance, it has included the Diocese of York and North Yorkshire County Council Officers.

What does an ‘Agreement in Principle’ mean?

The Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) has been provided with a rationale and business case to support the proposal for closure. This includes evidence that alternatives to closure have been thoroughly researched and that the educational provision/capacity within the local area has been identified.  As a Church of England school, this also includes agreement from the Diocese of York.

What is a listening period?

The listening period is an opportunity for stakeholders and interested parties to be provided with information as to why the school is closing and how it is proposed the closure process will operate. Likewise, it is an opportunity for stakeholders and interested parties to submit their views on how the school closure process can be best managed.

What happens next?

The RSC submits a report on the outcome of the listening period and seeks final approval from the Secretary of State.  Once approved, a closure programme will be defined by the Trust. This will include a timescale for the Local Authority to carry out a preference exercise for the educational provisions within the local area. The Local Authority will provide guidance to parents/carers in due course.

Will my child continue to be educated at a good standard during this academic year?

Yes. We will maintain the standard of provision until point of closure.

What other schools are available in the area?

Topcliffe Church of England Primary Academy           

Dishforth Church of England Primary                   

Alanbrooke Community Primary School                      

Carlton Miniott Primary Academy                                   

Sharow Church of England Primary School                 

We have no transport, how will I get my child to school?

You can obtain guidance from North Yorkshire County Council who will explore options available to you.

If I want to move my child before the end of the academic year, how would I do it?

You can obtain guidance from North Yorkshire County Council by visiting their website here.