Baldersby St James CE Primary School is part of the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust however, our admission arrangements to school are managed by North Yorkshire County Council in line with the School Admissions Code and Fairness Access Protocols. This applies to places when children would normally start school (the Reception Year) and to children who may join the school after this time (for example, as the result of a house move).


Published Admissions Number

Our PAN (Published Admissions Number) which is the maximum number the school may admit to a single year group is:

Published Admission number for 2021/22: 8

Proposed PAN for 2022/23: 8


How to apply 

Please click here to read the full NYCC policy which will explain the admissions process and the relevant dates for submissions.


School Visit

We welcome visitors to our school and enjoy sharing with families all the learning opportunities offered by our village school. If you would like to visit our school please contact the school office and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to show you around. If you have any questions that you feel can be answered via email or telephone call, contact the office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jan 2021 *COVID -19* Conditions/Restrictions
Due to restrictions around COVID we are unable at present to do on-site visits however, please contact us to discuss options as to how we can share an experience of our school with you.


Catchment Area

Our catchment area includes Baldersby St James, Baldersby, Melemerby and Rainton. However, we are increasingly taking children from out of catchment areas which include: Dishforth, Topcliffe, Thirsk, Ripon and Sharow if there are places available.